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Paper Bag White

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Pure, stylish & simplicity form the basis for this white paper plant bag from Uashmama. This paper bag is available in various sizes.
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Pure, stylish & simplicity, form the basis for this white Paper Bag from Uashmama. The basic color in combination with the design makes this Paper Bag a timeless accessory that can be easily mixed & matched with various living styles, such as modern, Scandinavian or rural.

Do you use the bag as a flower pot? Then put in a closed inner pot. The paper bags are not completely waterproof and unfortunately cannot stay wet for a long time.

The paper bag original comes from Italy and is made with love & care for people, nature and animals. The paper bag is handmade from washable paper AGGO®. This 100% natural fiber paper has the look & feel of leather, but is produced entirely without chemicals. The fibres, also known as cellulose, come from farmed trees in Northern Europe where deforestation is controlled. All our products are therefore 'green' certified. Read more about it here. Vegetable dyes are used to color our bags.

The paper bags are also water resistant and super strong. You can therefore use them for many different purposes, such as for storing accessories and toys, or for serving bread.

Dimensions (L x W x H)
The paper bag is available in the following sizes. To help you choose the right size, we have listed examples for each bag for which you can use it.

  • XS - 5 x 5 x 11 cm
    This mini sized paper bag is the smallest in the family. Use the extra small for cotton swabs, coarse sea salt, cocktail sticks or, for example, a small cactus.
  • PICCOLO - 8 x 8 x 15 cm
    The piccolo is perfect for a succulent, pens or for storing keys.
  • SMALL - 12 x 12 x 25 cm
    Use this format for limes, eggs, clothespins or desk accessories.
  • MEDIUM - 12.5 x 18 x 33cm
    Serve sandwiches in style or store vegetables or kitchen accessories.
  • LARGE - 15 x 21 x 33 cm
    For example, you can use the large for small craft supplies or as a sock basket.
  • LARGE PLUS - 19 x 19 x 45 cm
    As a Paper Bag for a large plant, toy cars, cleaning products, the large plus format is ideal for your storage problem.
  • XLARGE - 24 x 24 x 70 cm
    This somewhat higher bag can be used as a paper basket in the office, for baguettes in the kitchen or, for example, an olive tree.
  • XXLARGE - 33 x 33 x 90 cm
    Place this large XXL bag in the living room or children's room for decorative pillows and plaids or large toys. It is also perfect as a laundry basket. Tidy is tidy!
  • Extra Extra Large - spots on the inside, now on sale for €60,-.
  • BIG BAG - 45 x 45 x 90 cm
    This format is not called the BIG BAG for nothing. You can really put a lot of stuff in here. This bag is suitable for that very large plant with a huge plant pot or for playing hide and seek with the children.

Determine the height of the paper bags themselves by rolling the edge. The above sizes apply if the paper bags have not yet been rolled.

If you accidentally get a stain on it, no problem. The paper bags can be washed. Wash them at a maximum of 30°C or by hand and let them dry flat.

Do you use the bag as a flower pot or Paper Bag? Then put in a closed inner pot. The bags are not waterproof and unfortunately cannot stay wet for a long time.

Uashmama products are handmade and therefore all unique. As a result, colors and sizes may differ slightly from the text and photos.

Material Washable Paper AGGO®
Origin Tuscany, Italy