We have been representing Moes & Griet since July 2020. Teus and Nuria, father and daughter.
Together we share love and passion for interior design & lifestyle, quality and an eye for detail. Father with a business background as a civil engineering cost expert consultant. Daughter with a creative background as an interior designer.

Father is really a Burgundian. Loves good food with a good glass of wine and a glass of whiskey from time to time. Likes to be in the kitchen and therefore uses 'tools' of the right quality.
Daughter likes to travel, to gain inspiration and to discover new interior brands! I have already been able to decorate many interiors with enthusiasm, under her own name Nuria Design.

The history of Moes & Griet

In April 2012, Marion and Annelot created the Moes & Griet brand. Mother and daughter. A brand with charisma full of passion for interior & lifestyle. Ideally they wanted to make people happy with products that you can see that they have been conceived and made with love and an eye for detail. And this certainly succeeded. After 8 years of many adventures and challenges, they decided to go back to their core. The event industry, running the wholesale business and giving interior advice.

The future of Moes & Griet

Moes & Griet. An attractive brand, with a warm past. We see many new opportunities and our ideas continue to grow. Developing more Moes & Griet products, Moes & Griet shops, pop-up stores, who knows? The most important thing for us is that we can share our enthusiasm and passion for interior & lifestyle with you. Grateful for what has already been, curious about what is to come.

The best is yet to come…


Moes & Griet