Moes & Griet also provides interior advice. Both private and business. This is carried out under the name Nuria Design.

Nuria Design strives for the ultimate environment, living space and/or home base for you. This is a young company with a large caliber. Nuria Design offers you advice, design and styling. It goes without saying that there is room for your own input to create the perfect picture. Nuria Design ensures that you can make optimum use of any space. Nuria Design takes your wishes and needs as the starting point for the design.

You share your wishes with us and we would like to add our creativity and knowledge.
Based on our passion, we like to work with beautiful brands and reliable professionals who meet our quality requirements.

The following brands are examples of this:
Building Ton
Farrow & Ball
Little Green

Would you like to know more about what we can do for you?

Please feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities.