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When we receive the payment we will send your order.
It is also possible to pick up the order from us.
Let us know by email if you would like to visit us.

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The Netherlands (PostNL, DHL)

Letterbox package € 4.50
Normal package up to 30kg € 6.50

1-2 business days

Belgium (DHL)

Package | € 10

1-2 business days

France (DPD)

Package | € 16

1-2 business days

Germany (DHL)

Package | € 10

1-2 business days


See check-out

Depending on the country


  • If the product is in stock.
  • If the product is not in stock, the delivery time is 3-4 weeks. For exact delivery times you can contact us.
  • Does a product not fit in the mailbox while you have indicated it as a shipping option? We will then ask you to transfer the remaining postage costs to us.


Returns & Exchange
We strive to make you happy with products that meet your expectations. Still not satisfied?
If this is the case you can return the product within 14 days from the date of order.
It must be returned without any usage damage, preferably in original packaging and with the original packing slip.
Returns & exchanges are at your own expense.

Do you send a product back? Send an e-mail to: [email protected]

When the product is received and we have received your e-mail, we will ensure that the amount is returned as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, products from the sale can not be returned.

Return address:
Moes & Griet
Rentmeesterstraat 9
2288 GW Rijswijk (Zuid-Holland)  
The Netherlands

Oops, I've come to mind
Everyone can think. If the product is sold out and does not return in the assortment, the amount will be refunded to your account.
Again, the same applies as return. The product may not be used.
Even if the product is given as a gift, this applies.

We offer a warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase.
When something is wrong with the product upon receipt, such as a hole, tear, and / or other damage, you have 14 days to report this to us.
This also applies to manufacturing defects such as stitching, inside pockets, lining, leather / canvas handles, canvas straps, shoulder straps, buckles and zippers.
If repair is possible, we first try to repair the product.

When there is no guarantee:

  • If it is clear when returning the product that the product has been used incorrectly.
  • Fading or wear can occur because we work with natural dyes. All basic paper colors are designed to fade. This is not a production error.
  • If there is discoloration on the product after it has come into contact with, for example, denim jeans or a leather jacket, this is not the fault of the product but of the garment.
  • Metallic products can get a more vintage look over time. This is deliberately done because it is characteristic of metallic paper, this is not a manufacturing error.

Legal guarantee means that you are always entitled to a guarantee. If there is a production error, you are entitled to free repair, a new product or a refund of money. If the problem comes from use, you are not entitled to the above. If the problem arises in the first six months after the purchase, we will have to prove whether the problem is justified or not. If the problem arises after the first six months after the purchase, it is up to you to prove that the problem did not arise from improper use of the purchased item.

The product is not good if it is not complete, it is damaged, it is broken or you can not do what we say. There is no statutory warranty period in the Netherlands because one product lasts longer than the other.

If you think you are entitled to a guarantee, you can contact [email protected]  . Indicate clearly which product is involved, what is wrong, send photos, state the order number / purchase date, name and write 'guarantee' in the subject line.