From raw materials to paper that make the most beautiful Uashmama products ...

The combination of tradition, innovation and craftsmanship has ensured that the 'magical' formula for Uashmama (say wash mama) paper, or AGGO®, was created. This paper is named after the grandchildren of owners Emanuela and Marco; Allegra, Guglielmo, Giovanni, Gregorio, Ottavia and Olivia. AGGO® has the look & feel of leather, but consists of 100% natural fibers and is produced in a sustainable way. The paper is super strong, keeps its shape and is washable so you will enjoy your product for years to come.

The process
The fibers (cellulose) from which the paper is made come from nursery trees from Northern Europe where deforestation is controlled and have the following marks:

Oeko-Tex | Responsible Forestry | FSC

In Italian Tuscany, the material is further processed into the material that we know today as AGGO®. With a special machine it gets the right shape and thickness. Vegan fats ensure that the paper gets the right 'softness' and is also strong and water-resistant. After this, it gets the right color. Vegetable dyes are used for this coloring. With a traditional stone roll of more than 100 years old, the paper is rolled, giving it the unique 'AGGO®' appearance.

After all treatments and finishing touches, the paper is checked by experts and taken to small Italian workshops. The products are created with love and made piece by piece. This makes all items unique.

One last check in the workshops and then the products are provided with brand labels and details, such as a leather cord. The product line of Uashmama is endless and continues to inspire. From the timeless paper bags to the functional bags. The entire Uashmama production process takes place in Italy, but the products 'travel' around the world to enthusiastic customers.

Washable paper AGGO® is processed in various ways:

Basic, colored & metallic paper
This paper has a basic, original look. Vegetable dyes are used for coloring. The metallic items have an extra coating.

Nuvola paper
A number of products have a finish called 'Nuvola' which means cloud. This metallic 'cloud' effect gives the items a cool vintage look.

Pull-Up Paper
With the Pull-Up paper, the paper is treated with a matte wax. This makes the paper a bit smoother than the other finishes.

Tec & Lux Paper
Thanks to the special Tec or Lux treatment of the washable paper, the products are resistant to stains, water and hair from, for example, dogs and cats.

The difference between Tec and Lux: During the process of making Tec, the paper also goes into the oven, which gives it a solid structure. Lux paper is waxed, washed and waxed once more, giving it a leather look, but smoother and softer than the other paper treatments.

Elephant Paper
The paper has a rough finish that resembles the skin of an elephant.

Leather details
A number of articles have leather details. This leather is of high quality.

Washing instructions
The products of washable paper AGGO® can be washed at 30 ° C.
However, we recommend hand washing so that the color and shape are better preserved. Be careful with the leather details, these can not be washed, as this is not a washable leather.