Makers of Seaside Luxe Essentials.

"It starts with a simple idea and a love of design
Seaside Luxury essentials stands for iconic design and quality which combines elegance with functionality. "



The Story

The Beach People was founded in the summer of 2013 by sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales Australia. They are inspired by their family, friends and seaside lifestyle, with their passion for creating beautiful and iconic products, their first collection or rounds sold out in weeks. A few short years later, they are building a globally admired fire or seaside luxury essentials for everyone, everywhere to enhance one's living spaces and life experiences from the beach to home.


Designed in Australia

The Beach People's design process starts with an experience, location or anesthetic inspiration. From there the story develops into an inspiring mood board of images, textures and cuttings. Emma and Victoria present their stories to a team of designers and artists. Emma, ​​Victoria and the team test the products in their homes, at the beach and on adventures with family and friends. Our products come from our homes to yours.



Emma and Victoria love designing unique treasures for your homes and being committed to innovation and quality. All of The Beach People's products are of the highest quality. Our textiles are made with the finest materials, are easy to use and use.



Community & Lifestyle

The Beach People are based in the small group of coastal towns known as The Northern Rivers of New South Wales in Australia. The sisters have a natural love of interior design, travel, food and architecture. Together, we're creating a family of like-minded beach and seaside lifestyle lovers from the seas.