The Paper

UASHMAMA® ,washable paper, looks and feels like leather but washes with ease. Our bags are soft yet resilient. The manufacturing process is similar to leather. The paper is stretched and tanned making it durable to withstand washing and daily use. UASHMAMA® washable paper is made using a virgin fibre through cultivation and not deforestation. Paper that washes like fabric holding it’s form so it can be used over and over again promoting sustainability perfect for catering and homewares.

Basic and colours without finishes.
The paper has his original basic look with no finish on it. The coloured items are tanned with vegetable colouring which makes them sustainable. Roll the edge and wash the paper bag by hand, possibly using a mild soap in warm water (± 45°C). Rinse well and pat dry the paper. Only hand wash, do not machine wash.

Metallic colours.
The metallic items have a laminated layer on top of the different colours. Roll the edge and wash the paper bag by hand, possibly using a mild soap in warm water (± 40°C).  Rinse well and pat dry the paper bag. In a period of time the paper can get a more vintage look due to the use of the product. Nuvola is the new material which has from the beginning the vintage effect.

Pull-up paper
Pull-up is a mat waxed paper that we suggest to wipe out and don’t wash. Pull-up paper will be mostly applied in handbags.

Lux paper
Another waxed paper is the lux paper.  Lux paper is both water- and stain resistant. Perfect in every way, shape and form with the fashion edge of being made from paper.

Tec Paper
Tec is a new material that is more than ever resistan to stains, deterioration and washing. It was made to offer soil-resisting products. We were thinking to
improve especially the placemats and paper bags that are used for food in general in the kitchen. Now the material can get dirty with olive oil, wine and other food such as croissants or Italian focaccia without  any problems. Furthermore, you will be able to plant inside these paper bags (water resistent on the inside but still in need of a waterproof plate if not used outside). Once the items get dirty you can simply wipe them with a wet cloth. Also the tote bags made with Tec are now resistant to all atmospheric conditions.

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